Pearl Jam's Ten Club Members-Only Presale

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Request Period Closed

We're sorry, but the ticket request window has closed.

If you submitted a request, we'll let you know if you've been confirmed by the evening of Sunday, January 19. Your credit card will only be charged if you are confirmed for tickets.

If you missed the ticket request window, the public onsale starts Friday, January 24, at 10am local venue time on


  • If I submit requests on both U.S. and Canada sites, which becomes my #1 preference?

    Ticket requests for U.S. and Canada dates will be processed independently of each other. This means that you would have a #1 preference for U.S. shows, and a #1 preference for Canada shows.

  • What if I submit requests for Canada shows in both English and French?

    Only your most recent Canada ticket request will be considered, regardless of the language selected.

    Have additional questions about submitting a ticket request?

    Read our full list of Frequently Asked Questions in the Ticketmaster Blog. Also see the Ten Club Rules or ask a question in the Ten Club Forum.