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If you would like to list your tickets, they must be in-hand and ready to ship to us within 24 hours. We will need your tickets in order to authenticate them and list them on the official ticket exchange. (We recommend using a secured carrier such as UPS.)

We will require positive identification on any tickets listed, including a legible copy of your valid driver's license and a signed confirmation agreement. More details will be provided once you've completed and submitted the form below. You reserve the right to have your tickets returned to you at any time, at your cost and expense.

If your tickets do not sell by January 30, 2020, we will either (a) ship the tickets back to you, at your cost and expense or (b) transfer the tickets to our Retail/Will Call location. You can select either option on the confirmation agreement. This ensures that you will either have your tickets delivered or available for pickup by the Friday before the Super Bowl.

Please note: You will only receive payment if your tickets sell. Sales are settled on a weekly basis -- even if only some of your tickets sell. We will deduct a 15% fee at settlement, based on the total sale price of your sold tickets.

Once you complete and submit the form below, we will let you know where to send your tickets, how you can set and change sales prices and more helpful tips.

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You're listing tickets for Super Bowl LIV on Feb 2, 2020.

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