Get Peace of Mind With Every Ticket, Every Time.

100% Secure & 100% Safe

100% Secure & 100% Yours

SafeTix™ are powered by a new and unique barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds so it cannot be stolen or copied, keeping your tickets safe and secure.

Text or Email Your Tickets

Text or Email Your Tickets

If you bought tickets for family, a friend, or a group, we made it easier than ever to safely send tickets to anyone. In just a few taps you can text or email your tickets to anyone attending the event with you.

Sell in Two Taps

Sell in Two Taps

It happens. Work deadlines, a bad cold, social obligations - and you can't go. That's why we've made it a snap to sell your tickets on the world's largest marketplace in a few taps.

Your Phone Is Your Ticket

Download our App

Step 1

Download our App from the App Store or Google Play.

Sign in to your Ticketmaster account

Step 2

Sign in to your Ticketmaster account, then tap on My Events to locate your order.

Tap your order to view your tickets

Step 3

Tap your order to view your tickets. At entry, show your phone to get scanned, and you're in!

Ticket Tip

Concerned about cell phone service at venues? This ticket has you covered. Once you view it in our App, your ticket is automatically saved so it's always ready.

Ticketmaster Fan Support

Ticketmaster Fan Support
We're By Your Side

Our dedicated team is with you at every step. When you have questions about SafeTix, we're here to help. Go to our Help Center to learn more.

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    The power of live is always with you when you have the Ticketmaster app. You can easily view, use, and manage your tickets - all on the go. Going to an event? Your phone's your ticket - just tap, show, and go!

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Helpful Information and Additional FAQs

Because SafeTix are new, here are some extra tips and information to help you get ready.

Ticketmaster SafeTix

Why do you have SafeTix?

How do SafeTix prevent counterfeiting?

Can I still enter my event with a screenshot of my ticket?

Attending Events

How do SafeTix work?

How do I find my ticket in the Ticketmaster app?

What if I don’t have a smartphone or my phone is broken?

I’m worried about my battery or cell service, what do I do?

I lost my phone, what do I do?

Are SafeTix available to use at all events?

How will I know if my event is using SafeTix?

Can I still print my tickets at home?

Transferring Tickets

How do I transfer tickets?

How does a ticket transfer work? Is it safe?

What is the benefit of transferring tickets?

Can I transfer tickets for any event?

How do I know if the tickets I’ve transferred have been accepted?

Fan-to-Fan Resale

I have tickets I want to sell. How can I get started?

What is Fan-to-Fan resale?

Why should I use Ticketmaster to sell my tickets?

How do I list and sell my tickets with Ticketmaster?

How do I view, edit, or remove my listing?

How and when do I get paid if I sell tickets?