2021 MLS Tickets


It’s time to bring back the songs, the chants, the stomps and the cheers: Major League Soccer is starting to welcome fans back to the stands for the 2021 Season. Ticketmaster is your safe and secure way to get tickets to MLS regular season and MLS Playoff games—we’ll get you in at the gate, you just bring the face paint.

MLS Fan Safety

MLS is instituting a wide variety of COVID-19 safety protocols. You can expect the following measures at every game, but please check your team's website for specific information and requirements.

  • Social Distanced Seating

    Grouped seating that promotes social distancing at the venue.

  • Mask Required

    Fans are required to wear a mask throughout the event.

  • Contactless Entry

    100% digital ticketing to help minimize contact at entry.

  • Increased Sanitation

    Additional steps will be taken to sanitize the venue.

See our complete list of FAQs for this upcoming MLS Season here.

  • Will there be a 2021 MLS season?

    Yes. MLS announced earlier in the year that the 2021 Regular Season will take place, with Opening Weekend scheduled to start on April 17, 2021. Each team will play 34 regular season games. The Preseason dates will be adjusted accordingly and the All-Star Game is scheduled for sometime during the summer. Playoffs begin November 19 and the 2021 MLS Cup on December 11.

    How much do MLS tickets cost?

    Tickets are priced by the team and fluctuate by game. According to Ticketmaster data, on average tickets cost between $45 and $50 dollars. Prices vary on secondary and resale marketplaces.

  • How do I buy MLS tickets?

    Tickets are scheduled to become available for purchase in March 2021. Ticketmaster is your trusted source to find tickets guaranteed to get you in on game day — including verified resale tickets. Digital tickets are instantly delivered to your phone, so you can shop for and buy them right up until the game starts.

    What happens if an MLS game is rescheduled or canceled?

    We are working closely with the teams to ensure that we keep fans updated. Due to the continually evolving situation, teams may decide to reschedule, postpone, change capacity, or cancel events, in which case fans will be promptly notified.

    Full refunds will be available if a game is canceled and it cannot be replayed, or if it is played under conditions that prohibit fans from attending. If a game is postponed or rescheduled, your tickets may be valid for the new date, so hang onto them and we will keep you posted.

    Please visit our complete guidelines on canceled and rescheduled events for up-to-date info.

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2021 MLS FAQs

2021 MLS FAQs

Up-to-date information on tickets, refunds, and fan safety.

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Major League Soccer History

Buoyed by interest in soccer following the 1994 World Cup in the United States, and filling the void left in 1984 by the defunct NASL, the inaugural season of Major League Soccer was in 1996, with 10 teams spread across 48 states, from Los Angeles to Tampa Bay.

The league experienced huge growth, going from 10 to 24 teams in the first two decades. After America’s success in the 2002 World Cup, the league adopted international standards for play. As MLS has gotten bigger, many teams have moved to soccer-specific stadiums and with the popularity of MLS, international signings from other leagues is a common occurance nowadays.

A new team, Austin FC, joins the MLS roster in 2021. The future is bright for Major League Soccer, and Ticketmaster offers you unparalleled access to games.


MLS Preseason

After all the off-season moves, it’s time to get ready for the upcoming season — new players, new coaches, and a new swing at glory. Come see your team as they use the preseason as an opportunity to figure out what works, fix what doesn’t, and get prepared for the start of the regular season in April. It’s your first chance to catch your team out on the pitch in person.


MLS Regular Season

Now is when the games really matter. From April to October, each of the league’s 27 teams play 34 action-packed games. The team with the top regular season record takes home the coveted Supporters’ Shield, and Ticketmaster is your best bet for grabbing the best seats for the teams and players you wanna see.

The All-Star game breaks things up in the middle of the season, and Ticketmaster can get you to that game too. It features the top MLS soccer stars playing together, pitted against a top international football club from a league abroad.


MLS Cup Playoffs

MLS Cup Playoffs are when things really heat up. It’s an all-out race to MLS Cup Final, with the top seven teams from both the Western and Eastern Conference facing off. The top seed in each league gets a 1-week bye. It’s time to grab your MLS Playoff Tickets at Ticketmaster and get to the games. The winner of MLS Cup Final is awarded the coveted MLS Cup.