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Transfer Tickets (All about ticket transfer)

It's never been easier for you to share your tickets with family and friends! Whether you're buying for a group, not everyone is arriving together, or you're gifting someone a surprise ticket - Ticketmaster makes it easy to transfer tickets in a few taps.

How transfer tickets works:

If you're sending/transferring tickets:

  1. Sign into My Account and click on your event to find your tickets
  2. Click the "Transfer Tickets" button (event eligibility may vary)
  3. Select the tickets you'd like to transfer
  4. Enter your recipient's first and last name, email address and an optional note.*
  5. Click the "Send" button

When transferring tickets we'll send you two (2) emails: one confirming your ticket(s) have been sent and another when your recipient accepts the tickets you sent. Your recipient will also receive an email prompting them to accept your tickets. Just in case they forget to accept the tickets, we send them another reminder 48 hours prior to the event.

Once the ticket transfer has been accepted, the tickets in your account are no longer valid and you will not be able to get into the event with those tickets.

*Those receiving a ticket transfer must have a Ticketmaster My Account. If they do not have an account, they can easily create one when they accept the tickets.

You can view step by step examples here:

Using the Ticketmaster Mobile App
Using a Desktop or Laptop
Using your phone's Mobile Web

Accepting tickets is easy! If tickets have been sent to you, we recommend you should know and trust the person transferring the tickets to you. If the tickets were obtained fraudulently by the person transferring them, they may be canceled at any time.

To accept tickets via desktop or laptop computer:

  1. Locate the email with the details about the ticket transfer.
  2. Within the email, click "Accept Tickets".
  3. To finalize the transfer, you'll need to Log in to your Ticketmaster account the tickets were transferred to. If you're unsure, just use the same email address the email was sent to.

To accept tickets via mobile:

  1. Click on the link within the text message or email received.
  2. Log in to your Ticketmaster account.
  3. View tickets in your "My Account" by clicking the link "View Tickets".

Mobile Example

We know plans change, if you transferred tickets but need to cancel, you can do so in just a few steps.

You may only cancel the ticket transfer if the tickets have not been accepted by the recipient. If they have been accepted, you will not be able to cancel and the recipient must transfer the tickets back to you.

If the tickets have not been accepted:

  1. Log in to your Ticketmaster account.
  2. Click the "Cancel Transfer" link next to the ticket you have sent.
  3. Complete your cancellation by clicking "Submit".

Both you and the recipient will receive emails stating the transfer has been canceled. You may now set-up a new ticket transfer or use them yourself!

How does a ticket transfer work? Is it safe?

When you transfer a ticket, the recipient you are sending the tickets to will accept the tickets with our secure system. When the ticket is accepted, we re-issue a new barcode to the person who you sent the tickets to.

What's the benefit of using Transfer Tickets?

Transferring a ticket from your order allows you to securely send some or all of your tickets from your Ticketmaster account to other people. Using Transfer Tickets allows everyone going to the event to have their own ticket in-hand! It's easy, safe and completely free.

Can I Transfer Tickets for any event?

You can transfer tickets for most events, but some events may have rules and restrictions and may not allow tickets to be transferred. You'll always see a "Transfer Tickets" button on your order. If Transfer is not available, the button will not be available.

How do I know if the tickets have been accepted or not?

Once you send a ticket, you could see one of two status'. If you see "Waiting to accept," your friend has not accepted your transfer tickets yet. You may want to remind them to check their email for the transfer invite to accept them. If you see "Accepted by," your tickets have been successfully transferred.

We're here to help. If you get stuck or run into any issues, Contact Us.

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