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Ticket Tips

Events are easy to find when you know how to look!

Type all or part of the act, event, or venue name in the search box. Use the "Suggestive search" features of the Search Bar to resolve your selection*.


  • "David Bowie" or "Bowie"
  • "Staples Center" or "Staples"

*Note: as few as 3 letters of a name in a search bar will generate a list of up to 10 most frequently selected options which can guide you to the selection of your interest.

Combine categories for a more targeted search


  • Artist and Venue - "David Bowie at Staples Center"
  • Artist and Region - "Foster the People in California"

Search events by type, date, or area

Perform an event search for a metropolitan area by combining a location with your date of interest.


  • Region and Date - "Seattle in August"
  • State and Date - "California in July"

Use the "See Events By" box on the left side of the home page. You can zero in by category (music, arts and theater, family, or miscellaneous) and sub category (e.g. jazz and blues, baseball, Broadway), date range (today, this weekend, whenever!), and city or zip code.

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